Memphis not saying how cash might be spent on violent crime

New federal guidelines published in the last few days are the reason for delaying this proposal until the next meeting of the council in early August.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Memphis City officials said Tuesday morning they were not quite ready to come up with concrete ideas on how to spend the millions of dollars available from Washington to tackle local violent crime.

The city has approximately $ 63 million available from the Congress-approved American Rescue Plan Act – or ARPA – over the coming years.

Last month we told you that money could be used for things like hiring and more police officers in Memphis, working overtime on the beat, and hiring more mentors to help prevent crime.

New federal guidelines came late last week and details of what can be spent.

As a result, a scheduled presentation to the Memphis City Council setting out where the money will be spent on fighting crime has been postponed for another two weeks.

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“The good news is that we have some resources to invest in things like public safety, young people and community help, including replacing the city’s revenue and making sure we continue to serve citizens well “to follow,” said Doug McGowen, City of Memphis chief operating officer.

Memphis City Council could also optimize what money goes to where to fight violent crime.

The federal money is expected to be approved and approved by the fall.