Massive leisure venues react to Governor Holcomb’s COVID replace

SOUTH BEND, Ind .— Big entertainment venues are thrilled with two announcements from Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb on Tuesday. From March 31st, all Hoosiers aged 16 and over can be vaccinated. On April 6, capacity constraints will be left to individual counties instead of taking a nationwide approach.

Venues like the South Bend Civic Theater have been operating with no in-person live shows since last summer and are thrilled with the latest news from Indianapolis.

“When we went around the corner from 2020-2021, we said again, we have to pivot, we have to do something bigger, and that’s why we did live recordings of theater productions,” said Aaron Nichols, executive director of the South Bend Civic Theater.

Nichols is looking forward to the day when the audience can see the performances in person rather than zoom or live stream.

“Just that collective experience of an audience and cast creating something together, having that experience together, was impossible to recreate,” said Nichols.

Nichols says he viewed the pandemic as a “break” for live theater, and that news has kept South Bend Civic Theater staff upbeat.

“The arts, the theater, have been around for thousands of years,” said Nichols. “This is not going to defeat us and I think the optimism has made a change for our entire Civic family that we can and have done this.”

Nichols says with the Civic Theater awaiting further instructions from St. Joseph County on indoor performances, he will use the time to review its security logs.

“When we get back in September there will be so many more people vaccinated, so many more people comfortable with the numbers, but it will then allow the Civic to control our security measures,” said Nichols.

For more information on upcoming performances at the Civic Theater, visit Here.