WINNIPEG – A new not-for-profit based in Manitoba is looking to provide a new wardrobe for members of the 2SLGBTQ + community facing economic barriers to feel comfortable in.

Transforming Style offers free fashion and styling services to members of the 2SLGBTQ + community.

“It’s really about finding out who you are and re-introducing yourself to the world with your (true) identity and being really comfortable and confident in your own skin,” Samuel Braemer, co-founder of Transforming Style, told CTV News .

On Thursday, the non-profit organization held its kick-off event with a virtual fashion show and benefit concert.

Braemer said more than 300 Canadians attended the event. He said Transforming Style has been inundated with email since the event, with people from other cities, including Toronto and Vancouver.

“These people say that it can be very overwhelming to go into a store or boutique, large store, mall and feel comfortable trying on clothes that you want to wear,” he said.

“This service is really a one-on-one, where we put the personal stylists at their disposal in this inclusive environment to make these people comfortable and then get a wardrobe that represents who they are.”

Braemer said the website allows people to contact and book a virtual consultation. After consulting, Transforming Style curates a collection of special clothing for this person. You can then meet in person with a personal stylist.

For more information, see Transforming style Website or social media.