Man accused of stealing cash from job seekers by promising metropolis of Houston jobs

HOUSTON – Harris County District Attorneys said Larry Aguero hunted unemployed people. People desperate for work during this pandemic.

“This is the perfect opportunity for scammers to really pounce on those who are in tougher times,” said Elizabeth Hayes, Harris County’s assistant district attorney for the Financial Crimes Division.

Hayes said Aguero claimed to work for the city of Houston and promised his victims jobs that didn’t exist.

According to the allegations, which were read in court, the victims received applications and were asked to produce a copy of their driver’s license, ID, social security cards, bank account and routing numbers.

Prosecutors said they should send the information via text message or email, and they were ordered to pay $ 108 for a uniform.

The receipt showed that the money was paid to the City of Houston and gave the address 901 Badgy, which is not a real address and what appears to be a misspelling of the 901 Bagby Street address.


The alarm went off after several of the victims confronted Aguero at Aguero’s apartment in southwest Houston. They showed up around the same time and started talking to each other.

“They started to see that they were a little suspicious. That doesn’t sound right. One of the complainants actually showed up in town and started wandering around for information on how, hey, I got this job … where should I report? Gradually the complainant learned that this job does not exist. We don’t know what you’re talking about, ”said Hayes.

Prosecutors said over $ 1,800 had been found in Aguero’s apartment. Aguero is charged with fraudulent use of identification information.

Prosecutors said if anyone ever approached you about jobs in the city or county, look for an official ID and look at the records you get. An authentic application is not a photocopy with spelling mistakes.

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