Mall of America desires to refresh your spring model

Mall of America’s trend specialist Sara Rogers reports on the new spring trends and is sure to shop at this week’s Sunrise Spring Refresh.

BLOOMINGTON, minn. – I hate to bring bad news, but it might be time to get rid of those sweatpants you’ve been wearing for months. Spring is here, and as your COVID-19 vaccinations rise, your calendar may fill up with things to do and see. But if you haven’t freshened up your wardrobe in a while and are a little scared of what to wear, you’re in luck.

Sara Rogers is the Mall of America Trend specialist.

“It’ll be fun to socialize again and wear colors and styles that celebrate that you have a reason to maybe step it up a bit,” said Rogers.

Rogers said the trench coat will be big this spring. She also said knit vests are too, and that Tie Dice is here to stay awhile longer.

“You can make a match set or break it up and wear it with your joggers, jeans or shorts when the weather gets warmer,” she said.

Rogers adds that floral prints get hot.

“Also, look for some sharpness in your fabric, went to the Altar condition Shop here at the Mall of America and they have the nicest casual dresses and some classy tops, “said Rogers.

There are a handful of new stores out there for your convenience to read Aldo, Aritzia, buckle, Evereve, Fabletics, and Levi’s.

But if you’re still a little apprehensive about going to the mall, MOA spokeswoman Nicole Guetzke said they have health and safety guidelines, as well as messages in the mall. These rules apply even if you are working on it personal styling with Rogers.

“I wear my mask, you will wear your mask, we will keep our distance,” said Rogers. “But I feel really safe and confident that I can offer these services,” she said.

When money is tighter than normal because of the pandemic, a rule of thumb for Rogers is not to always spend an extravagant amount on a new wardrobe. She said take a look at what you already have and add certain parts to enhance your look.

There are other options if you don’t want to go to the mall. You can try Contact-free pick-up at the roadside, or Live stream shopping! Each week, MOA’s Madelyn Riley brings you live-stream purchases from stores that have just opened and favorite stores. All you have to do is tune in to the live stream, click on photos in “Add Item” in your cart, and they will be sent to you in about a week.

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