Magnatone’s Starlite guarantees to pack basic Fender-style tones right into a 5-watt Class A combo

boutique guitar amp Manufacturer Magnatone has lifted the lid on a new low-wattage Class A combo dubbed the Starlite.

Using a combination of a single 6V6 tube in the power amp and a 12AX7 tube in the preamp, the Starlite offers five watts of power and is touted as an ideal partner in studio or home setups.

There’s easy volume and tone control on the panel, and the latter was designed to cover the territory between classic ’60s tweed and Fender-style tones, with a mid-cut set just before the 12 o’clock position of the dial occurs. There is also a negative feedback switch that activates a negative feedback loop that can be used to rein in the power amp’s gain.

Magnatone Starlite amp

(Image credit: Magnatone)

A choice of two inputs offers high and low sensitivity options, with the second input being better suited for low-gain tones or guitars with hotter pickups.

Speaker duties are handled by an 8-inch Magnatone Custom Ceramic Magnet, and there’s also an 8-ohm speaker jack for connecting to an external box.

It’s all dressed in a vintage brown finish with gold detailing and measures 17″ x 8″ x 12″ for a mere 19 lbs. The package also includes an amplifier cover and a 20-foot cable.

Reviewers have raved about Magnatones since the brand’s rebirth in 2014, often noting that the only downside seems to be the immense quantities they produce. Given the recent proliferation of small boutique tube combo amps, perhaps what is most surprising about the Starlite is that it has taken so long to get to market.

Ted Kornblum, Magnatone CEO, admits that the amp has actually been on their list for a while.

“People have been asking us for a long time to come out with a small, low-power amp for practice and studio applications that retains the traditional Magnatone style, tone and performance,” he says. “We believe that with Starlite we’ve hit the mark of classic American tone with something that takes small to the next level.”

For more information on the Starlite, see magnaton.