MARSHALL – The Marshall Area Fine Arts Council wants to bring summer music back to the Liberty Park Bandshell.

MAFAC contacts artists who have performed at the Bandshell in the past or who may be interested. It hopes to plan at least four concerts for the summer months.

The President of the MAFAC Board of Directors, Cathy Schlagel, said the dates for the concerts have not yet been set. Wednesday evenings will be fully open in 2021 as the Marshall City Band cannot perform on stage due to social distancing guidelines.

“We’d like to consider filling some of the weeks the city band usually plays.” Schlagel said. “We’ll see what works for the performers. It depends on when they are available. “

She said the total number of concerts will also be shaped by the interest of the artists. Funding could become a factor as MAFAC usually pays performers a small scholarship.

“We know we want at least four like we did in other years before 2020.” Schlagel said. “We will consider possibly doing more if there is enough participation.”

MAFAC is the name of its summer concert series outdoors “A Little Night Music.” The performances usually last a full hour.

The concerts took place in the weeks after the city band series. They covered the end of July and most of August.

Schlagel believes that bringing back outdoor concerts to the Bandhell ​​will attract an enthusiastic audience. The seating area of ​​the park offers enough space for the spectators to distance themselves socially.

MAFAC concerts would result in more extensive use of the clam than in 2020. The facility hosted an event last fall, an autumn musical performed by students from Marshall High School.

“The mussel has always been a popular meeting place” Schlagel said. “We believe there will be big voter turnouts this summer. Both the performers and the audience are ready for it after last year. “

Lauren Deutz, Marshall’s EDA director, said she welcomed the news that MAFAC plans to host bandshell entertainment in 2021.

She views bandshell concerts as something that can help generate economic activity across the city on weekday evenings. It could stand out in both restaurants and shops.

“When people go to a concert, they’re more likely to eat out or go shopping somewhere.” Said Deutz. “The local economy definitely has some advantages. It should be both fun and profitable. “

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