Lynn Backyard mural begins to go up | Arts & Leisure

KINGSPORT – After two years of planning and hard work, a 100 foot long mural is hanging on the walls for the whole city to see.

With a grant from the City of Kingsport, the Lynn View Advisory Committee led efforts to create a mural on the exterior walls of the Lynn Garden Hardware building. Organizers say the mural was made to showcase the people, businesses, schools and churches of Lynn Garden.

On Saturday the mural began to rise.

“It tells a story that is both positive and true,” said Jim Wells, committee member and longtime Lynn Garden volunteer. “It projects realism, emotion and energy. … This will be the location for murals in the Tri-Cities. I think it’s so good. “


The 100 foot long mural depicts a brief history of the Lynn Garden community, including iconic imagery like the Lynn Garden restaurant, old Lynn View High School (and the Lynx mascot), the Optimist Club youth football league, a Pal’s Cup, model railways , a gold cross and seniors.

It will span two outside walls of the Lynn Garden Hardware building and will essentially take people to the “heart of Lynn Garden” – the Lynn View Community Center just up the street, Wells said.

The mural is not a mural in the traditional sense – where paint is applied directly to the walls. Rather, 40 separate pieces of Pellon, a fleece material, are hung on the walls of the building.

The painting took place in the Hardware Building last year, so people didn’t have to be in the elements to complete their work.

Joe Pilkenton, a digital artist and sculptor with the Kingsport Carousel Project, previously told The Times News that he designed the mural images on a computer and sent the file to a Philadelphia company who in turn did their outlines on the Pellon material printed.

Basically, the fabric resembles a huge “painting by numbers” mural.


Wells said a number of volunteers had helped paint parts of the mural over the past year. He spent at least 1,500 hours on the project. In order to present the mural and deter vandals, a light was set up on a nearby mast that shines on the mural at night.

On a good day, Pilkenton said, volunteers can put four sections of the mural on the walls. Add two coats of sealer and a UV coating also need to be applied over the mural, and Pilkenton estimates all work will be completed in about three weeks.

And then the Lynn Garden Community can celebrate their mural.

If you want to see the work in progress, the mural is on the corner of Lynn Garden Drive and Walker Street.