The Lifestyle Appliance & Entertainment Center continued to serve customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We were lucky when some of the stores were closed to be seen as an essential business selling refrigerators, washing machines and things that people can’t do without,” said Toni Wegenast, who runs theirs Husband heard. Colin.

“When they talked about what was important and what wasn’t, we didn’t know where we were going to end up in it,” she said. “But especially during a pandemic when people are sick, washing machines for disinfecting things are pretty important, refrigerators are always important. … “

Colin noted that employees wore hand sanitizer and wore face masks when they called. They also asked questions about health screening before delivering products or services to customers’ homes, Toni said.

“Everyone was really good at it,” she said. “And we asked our employees in the first few months to limit the trip to the vicinity (Jamestown) in order to protect them and the customers. We are really lucky with employees and customers. ”

Although the traffic in the store initially slowed down, there were more phone discussions and phone orders, according to Toni. The store also offered roadside service so people could pick up the parts they needed.

Toni and Colin believe that more home projects have been carried out in the past year and with that came the need for equipment.

“Despite all the worries, we had a really good year and of course it is thanks to our customers that we couldn’t do it without them,” said Toni.

What Lifestyle Appliance is dealing with is a shortage of some products, something other industries have been looking at, Colin said. Many companies closed for a few months because of the pandemic and had “hundreds of thousands of repeat orders,” said Toni after reopening.

Colin thanked his customers for their patience during the shortage and found that availability improved.

Lifestyle Appliance took the advantage of having less inventory than it did to do a near-full facelift in the store, Toni said. This included paint, flooring, ceiling and lighting, rearranging the display floor, and moving the sales counter from the front of the store to the back for better product display.

The Lifestyle Appliance & Entertainment Center has been offering new post-sale products and services free of charge for 44 years.

“We support the community very much. We’re also giving back to the community, ”said Colin.