Letter to the editor: In relation to masks, whose type is being crimped?

My house is on the Vista Trail Open Space on the Highlands Ranch, a few hundred yards east of the Platte River Academy on South Colorado Boulevard.

There was a bag on my doorknob last week that contained a letter, a school calendar of events, and a bag of microwave popcorn. My house is one of a dozen or so houses that parents park in front of during the school year when they drop off or pick up their children. The letter thanked us for being good neighbors. You are the good neighbors.

This morning, August 5, 2021, there was a section on the news that showed Douglas County parents screaming at a school committee meeting for only suggesting that masks be recommended for the upcoming school year.

I immediately switched to a channel that showed a doctor from New Orleans giving COVID-19 / Delta stats for his city. Thirty percent of their hospitalized children are under 12 years old, and some teenagers in the hospital needed oxygen.

It’s been about 75 years since my kids were in elementary school and I’m going to move parenting to the parents screaming in the school board meeting, but I have a 16 year old great granddaughter honor student who is fully vaccinated.

When I asked her why she volunteered, she replied: “We (her older sister and herself) don’t want mom to get sick.”

Maybe we’re not giving our kids enough credit and we should honestly ask ourselves whose style is ruffled?

Roy Legg

Highlands ranch