L’absurdite ‘is French for “absurdity”.

The latest partisan absurdity to come out of Washington is putting the federal teat in the mouth of those who don’t need it. That is, checks for $ 1,400 each go to individuals earning up to $ 6,250 per month ($ 75,000 per year) or individual householders earning $ 9,333 per month ($ 112,000 per year). These numbers refer to the “Adjusted Gross Income” on your federal tax forms. These will only “expire” after $ 6,666 per month ($ 80,000 per year) or $ 10,000 per month ($ 120,000 per year) for individuals.

For those filing together, the full check amounts go to couples earning up to $ 12,500 per month ($ 150,000 per year). These “run out” at $ 13,333 per month ($ 160,000 per year).

At least the claim of our current POTUS to be bipartisan on issues of national importance has been exposed for what it was. I don’t have a problem with making decent payments to people who need it, but that’s absurd.

Mark Hanlon lives in Bismarck.

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