Letter: Comply with the cash on Arizona election audit

Bill Windsor, Sun City West

Hopefully readers of the Daily Independent took the time to read and review two recent articles in the July 30th issue. The first was “Trump supporters raise US $ 5.6 million for election exams”.

What’s interesting here is that Senate President Karen Fann first got the ball rolling by hiring Cyber ​​Ninjas, an unknown company with no experience or credentials and at the helm of an outspoken Trump supporter named Logan.

The price of $ 150,000 … what a bargain. In reality, you can’t buy rye ham without a drink for $ 150,000 in these circles. But Logan knew what he was doing. The ticket is now $ 5.6 million and growing. Not to say he (Logan) will get it all, but he will likely need help getting to the bank.

Well, in fairness, Karen Fann has invested many extra hours (beyond her duty as a Senator) in promoting this exam fraud, and it is only reasonable that she should receive a portion of the $ 5.6 million as a “finder’s reward.” “For recommending Cyber ​​Ninjas, a company recommended to her by someone whose name she” cannot remember. “

Apparently, the names of entities (or people) who donated to this fiasco are sacred and do not need to be disclosed for the purposes of the First Amendment.

If a topic is so important to me personally that I would make a donation, I would like to see my name in lights.

The point I want to get across here is to follow the money. I am sure the Daily Independent will keep us updated.

The second article reads, “The DOJ is issuing the strongest warning on election scrutiny yet.” This article discusses the efforts Fann and Attorney General Mark Brnovich (among others) are making to undermine the credibility of President Joe Biden’s election. The two (Karen and Mark) want to intimidate minority voters, then and now. So comes the 2022 election time, which will give your party an advantage.

Voting is a right, not a privilege.

This couple know their efforts are in vain, but they will persist in this farce to keep their names until the next election. Their intent is to rally the Trumpers (with Trump’s help) and keep their support through thick or thin. This couple are so evident in their pursuit of political power that, for lack of a better word, they are disgusting (yet entertaining nonetheless).

For these two, power is money and money is power.