Lenny Kravitz thinks he influenced Harry Types’, um, model – Deltaplex Information

Harry Styles is the fashion world’s darling for its risk-taking when it comes to its clothes and gender-bending looks. But according to one veteran rocker, Harry has at least some of that fashion sense from him.

During an interview with People (the TV show!), Lenny Kravitz was asked if he thought Harry was “heavily influenced” by Lenny’s own fashion sense.

“I think there are several things in there, and one of them could possibly be me”, the “Are you going my way“Answered Rocker. “We met and made friends on the street years ago, [he’s a] really cute guy. And he developed from his group to what he is now doing alone. “

Lenny added, “Well, it’s nice to see him in the suits and the boas and all that stuff I did in the 90s.”

Lenny has consistently made the best dressed lists over the years and dressed sharply in the process fits, Feather boas, leather and gender changing looks while Harry was still in diapers.

Lenny Kravitz passed on his fashion sense to daughter, actress Zoe Kravitzwho has worked as a model many times. She recently did Headlines to tell Channing Tatum that he couldn’t take off Crocs and should stop wearing them.

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