Leisure trade enterprise house owners regulate to lifted COVID-19 precautions

MARQUETTE, Michigan (WLUC) – The entertainment industry has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but business owners in the industry are already seeing the effects of the end of Michigan’s indoor capacity limitation and mask mandate.

Edge of Reality VR Arcade Owner Robert Shirlin said the past year has been difficult.

“We’re still not quite down to our 2019 numbers, but we’re seeing an upward trend. We’re starting to see people come in now. They’re still worried about masks and safety, ”he said.

No masks are required in the arcade, but Shirlin said additional precautions are still being taken.

“Not only do we clean everything with Clorox disinfectant, we also use UVC light to ensure that all of our equipment is clean and ready for the next customer.”

Reservations for individuals and groups are still being accepted, but walk-ins are allowed if space is available.

In the parish of Marquette, Superior entertainment center Manager and mechanic Terry Kirkum said summer is the bowling alley’s slow season, but visitor numbers have been increasing throughout the week and safety is still the center’s top priority.

“We don’t need masks anymore. It is up to the customer whether they want to wear one or not. We still sanitize every single bowling ball, all video games. We disinfect everything we can to keep our customers as safe as possible, ”said Kirkum.

The bowling alley is currently understaffed, so limited opening times still apply.

“We are currently only open from Tuesday to Friday. We can make exceptions for the weekend if it rains and has bad weather or if we have enough lead time for a larger group, ”said Kirkum.

Both the bowling alley and Edge of Reality recommend reserving or calling in advance if possible.

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