The third annual Diane Bennett Memorial Race at Macon Speedway did exactly what it did for the first two years, adding bonus money to the prize pools of the racing divisions and bringing exciting races. 104 entries in six racing divisions on Saturday night paid homage to a woman who has spent more than 30 years judging races at Macon Speedway and other racing events and facilities.

One of the top races of the evening was the $ 1,550 Modified Feature Racing 25-lap special race. Guy Taylor and Rodney Standerfer, former track champions of the division, stood in the front row, Tommy Sheppard Jr., defending champion, and Curt Rhodes, another former champions, started from the second row. The early part of the race was controlled by Sheppard, with Taylor and Standerfer staying close. As Taylor took corner three on lap nine, Taylor overtook Sheppard for the lead and things looked good for Taylor. A mistake at the top of corner two changed things, however, as Sheppard not only regained the lead, but Taylor fell into the middle of the field and eventually went off the track four laps later. Sheppard returned to winning ways and took home the big payday.

The Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Model class was also a special 25-round event with a purse of $ 1,270. Jose Parga went on for the win, but it was a pretty close race between him and runner-up Braden Johnson. Parga kept Johnson about the length of a car for most of the race, leading all 25 laps. Dakota Ewing, who rode in Storm Beilers 33B instead of his usual 25, would move from pole to third place after starting.

Jeremy Nichols won from pole position at Archer’s Alley Street Stocks, but it wasn’t a typical starting gun for a winning race. Darrell Dick, Guy Taylor, Nick Macklin and Terry Reed kept it tight and made for a fun 15 lap race.

The Pro Modified feature was full of unique settings. The start of the race began with a warning flag. Minutes later, when the race restarted and the drivers made the first lap, Billy Justice, Jr. and Chris Erwin were standing on top of the third wall of the curve, rolling their cars. Justice’s car parted in a fiery mess and the crew members ran to help with fire extinguishers and to get Justice out of his racing car. All parties would be safe, even though Justice’s car would be dragged back into the pit area. As soon as the race got back on track, Kyle Helmick would move from the outside starter in the third row to the front row outside and drive away from Kevin Crowder and Nick Justice. While Helmick was leading and pulling away, the course of the race was between Crowder and Justice, who swapped back and forth and side by side until the two-person race ended and Justice afterwards fell victim to a broken racing car colliding with Crowder.

There were no warnings in the 15-lap function for the micro sprints presented by Bailey Chassis. Jeremy Camp started from pole position in the lead and all 16 cars kept things moving as the entire race was over in 3 minutes.

The night was rounded off by the 4-cylinder Hornet class when Eric Vanapeldoorn from Clinton won the 14-car race. Similar to his 6 lap heat race, he had to keep Jeremy Reed from taking the lead and he was successful both times.

Thousands of dollars donated to the 104 submissions on Saturday night was an amazing feat by Kellie Bennett and her family to honor her mother Diane and create another event and evening. Instead of arranging money for the winner, the idea came up to offer money to all positions in all classes. The idea worked and many drivers benefited from the night and were able to continue their racing program in the second half of the racing season.

Next Saturday evening, the HART micro-sprints without wings will be held at Macon Speedway for the first time this season. Also on the program are the Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Models, the Modifieds, Archer’s Alley Street Stocks, Pro Modifieds and Hornets. August continues with the annual POWRi Midgets and Micro Sprints Camfield Memorial Night with special guest Jack Hewitt.

Decatur building Trades Big Ten Pro late models

  1. 6P-José Parga[New Berlin, IL]; 2. 14J-Braden Johnson[Taylorville, IL]; 3. 33B-Dakota Ewing[Warrensburg, IL]; 4. 27-Colby Sheppard[Williamsville, IL]; 5. 10-Blake Damery[Blue Mound, IL]; 6. Huffman 33H robes[Midland City, IL]; 7. 122-Timmy Dick[Monticello, IL]; 8. 11-Ryan Miller[Lincoln, IL]; 9. 14-Derek Smith[Decatur, IL]; 10. F15-Bob Sidener[Springfield, IL] Modifieds

  1. T6-Tommy Sheppard Jr[New Berlin, IL]; 2. 28-Rodney Standerfer[Summerfield, IL]; 3. 87C-Alan Crowder[Elwin, IL]; 4. 10R-Curt Rhodes[Taylorville, IL]; 5. 18-Jarrett Stryker[Millstadt, IL]; 6. 98-Danny Smith[Argenta, IL]; 7. 24B – Brent Weaver[Godfrey, IL]; 8. 78-Maxx Emerson[Taylorville, IL]; 9. 7B-Jeremy Nichols[Lovington, IL]; 10. 27X-Kyle Helmick[Smithton, IL]

DIRTcar Pro Mods

  1. 27X-Kyle Helmick[Smithton, IL]; 2. 15C-Kevin Crowder[Argenta, IL]; 3. 52-Billy Gag[Pocahontas, IL]; 4. 24-man Taylor[Springfield, IL]; 5. 33-Josh Robb[Mt. Zion, IL]; 6. Z-Larry Bunning[Decatur, IL]; 7. 3X-Justin Reynolds[Hillsboro, IL]; 8. 116-Kevin Rench[Hillsboro, IL]; 9. 10-Adam Rhoades[Clinton, IL]; 10. 24M Matt Milner[Chatham, IL]

Archers Alley Big Ten street shares

  1. 67R-Jeremy Nichols[Lovington, IL]; 2.22-Darrell Dick[Monticello, IL]; 3. 16 Nick Macklin[Argenta, IL]; 4. 11 terry reeds[Cerro Gordo, IL]; 5.53R-Jeff Reed Jr[Blue Mound, IL]; 06.08 – Brian Dasenbrock[Decatur, IL]; 7. 21-Jaret Duff[Maroa, IL]; 8. X7 Guy Taylor[Springfield, IL]; 9. 21R-Dustin Reed[Decatur, IL]; 10. Z24-Zach Taylor[Springfield, IL]

DIRTcar hornets

  1. T82 Erik Vanapeldoorn[Clinton, IL]; 2. 34-Jeremy Reed[Decatur, IL]; 3. 357 Billy Mason[Brownstown, IL]; 4.324-Shelby Beiler[Macon, IL]; 5. J13-Justin Coffey[Stonington, IL]; 6. 1-Crawford boil[Lincoln, IL]; 7. 3H-Allan Harris[Chatham, IL]; 8. 9B-Brandon Miller[Broadwell, IL]; 9. 187 – Korey Bailey[Stonington, IL]; 10.313-Gabe Rusher[Stonington, IL]

Micros by Bailey chassis

  1. 23-Jeremy Camp[Sullivan, IL]; 2. 55S-Daryn Stark[Springfield, IL]; 3. 21-Aarik Andruskevitch[Riverton, IL]; 4. 68-Devin Feger[East Peoria, IL]; 5. 27-Kyle Barker[Cooksville, IL]; 6. 10-Jacob Tipton[Decatur, IL]; 7. 8B-John Barnard[Sherman, IL]; 8. 17 Molly Day[Allerton, IL]; 9. 83- Jeff Beasley[Urbana, IL]; 10. 87-Collin Shain[Sullivan, IL]

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