Lady decorates houses for Indy 500 to boost cash for Gleaners Meals Financial institution

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – Homes on the speedway are outfitted with Indy 500 gear ahead of the big race, but one thing is more than just a sight – it raises cash for the Gleaners Food Bank.

Brenda Hamm says people come to their corner of the world for the race once a year. While visitors are here this year, they are drawing attention to their “Nobody Runs Empty” campaign.

“I see people from all over the country every year,” said Hamm.

Brenda lives just around the corner from Indianapolis Motor Speedway and lets people park in their house for a fee on race day.

“They always say, ‘What can we do, what can we do? ‘and this year it’s like,’ Hey, I have something you can do! ‘

This year part of their parking fees will go to Gleaners. She also has a bucket in her garden for donations. It shows a link on Gleaner’s website that people can access donate on-line.

“For every $ 5 donated, you can buy 25 meals,” said Hamm. “When I found out that they had the ability to do that and help so many people.”

She said she got the idea when she found out that Marco Andretti would drive with the Gleaners logo.

“When I saw that Marco was the speaker and that Gleaners was going to be in the car … I mean, Gleaners helped so many people in our community and so many people need it now.”

Last year, when fans weren’t allowed to race, drivers showed up on the doorstep of long-time ticket holders. Both Marco and Mario Andretti visited Brenda.

“I thought last year was a bad year for everyone and I was lucky enough to have a driver visit at Speedway so I wanted to give something back.”

Sarah Estell of Gleaners says this reveal is a great way to raise awareness of her “Nobody Runs Out” campaign and to help those in need.

“What Brenda did here is precisely the heart and spirit of the initiative,” said Estell.

“We wanted people to understand the role nutrition and safety play in everyday life.”

If you want to donate to the campaign, click Here to learn more.

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