Kemp indicators Georgia’s midyear finances with bonuses, more money for faculties, well being

Kemp announced the same rewards for Georgia’s public school teachers last month.

Both bonuses are paid – directly or indirectly – from the federal COVID-19 aid fund.

The biggest spike in spending would be in education, where the House and Senate followed Kemp’s proposal to replenish 60% of the spending cuts approved by lawmakers last year. if they cut 10% over fears that government revenues could decline due to the pandemic.

That didn’t happen. Indeed, state tax collections rose by 6.3% in the first seven months of this fiscal year.

Kemp said the increase in school spending “sends a clear message that we are continuing our dedication to Georgia students, parents, educators, and employees through the toughest times.”

The budget will also fund 520 new school buses, increase support for nursing homes hard hit by COVID-19, and add high-speed internet in rural areas.

It will spend $ 27 million on rapidly upgrading the Department of Health’s computer system that tracks vaccinations and paid for the hiring of several new employees at the agency that spent most of the past year fighting COVID-19.