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Katherine Ryan named her new little son Frederick.

The 37-year-old comedian revealed on Monday (6/14/21) that she had given birth to her second child and that her partner Bobby Kootstra is new, including that she is a “Duke” star. Sharing details about arrival The work only took 3 hours.

He shared a series of photos on Instagram and wrote: “My son Frederick Ryan Kootstra, born June 13th 🙂

“Mom had a finely tuned reproductive organ of a sports car and was able to quickly contest this baby on the line just in time for the #nedvsukr whistle.

“She is a perfect heroine [heart emoji] 3 hours from start to finish [flag and baby emoji] #bestday (sic) “

Bobby also posted a video from the hospital room. As a result, he zoomed in on the baby. The baby had an “It’s a Boy” label on its tummy.

Meanwhile, Catherine’s exciting news is that her eldest daughter, 11-year-old daughter Violet (she had from a previous relationship), shared and date-stamped a photo with her outside of the hospital. It is said to have been recorded on Saturday (06/12/21), which is guaranteed to be unforgettable inside.

She wrote: “Always my first day.”

Catherine announced the birth of her baby on Instagram by stating that the “Telling Everybody Everything” podcast was delayed due to a life event.

She shared on Instagram Story with a photo of her lying next to her baby: “There’s really a reason yesterday’s podcast was delayed.”

The 37-year-old comic’s announcement came the day after she shared a photo of her huge bump on Instagram and just two weeks after she confirmed her pregnancy on a live show.

Catherine surprised the audience with the recording of the podcast “Telling Everybody Everything” in London. She went on stage in a dress that hugs a huge baby bump.

Fans shared a picture of Catherine sitting in a chair in a yellow dress on Instagram, speculating that she expected it, thinking her followers had a look at the bump, but she confirmed. This is the first time for direct messaging.

Katherine Ryan’s baby son name revealed | Entertainment news

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