Justin Bieber Takes His Model to the Subsequent Degree in Paris

Photo: Getty Images

To celebrate his 27th birthday yesterday, Justin Bieber appears to have flown to Paris, France to do some sightseeing with his wife Hailey Bieber in tow. Part of the fun of being in Paris, in our opinion at least, is getting the part on – are you even in the City of Light if you’re not trying to repeat the innate French style? – and it seems that Bieber took this feeling to heart. His upscale fashion looks on the trip just screamed Canadians in Paris.

He started with subtle blue pants and a dark blue bomber jacket – a blue trucker hat and dangling earring that give the minimalist look a spunky twist. The next day he wore a sporty fleece with a zipper, baggy jeans, a light pink hat and some sporty sunglasses, also in pink. Yesterday he wore his most Parisian look so far: skinny jeans with a tasteful button-up blazer in brown and a simple white T-shirt. Accents like a bold gold chain necklace and bright yellow sneakers made for a youthful and fun look.

Photo: Getty ImagesPhoto: Getty Images

Don’t get me wrong: his three looks are all still very Bieber – his style always has a sensitivity for skaters – but they are the best version of themselves. Whatever Bieber is doing in Paris it clearly works for him – he should bring that energy home, s’il vous braid!