In today’s scenes from Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 (which released on Netflix on May 7th) we learn how one of the original superheroes, George Hutchence / Skyfox (Matt Lanter), turned against the Union. After Sheldon / The Utopian (Josh Duhamel) his ex-boyfriend thought he could do more without the Code (no killing) holding him back.

He was also reportedly the one behind the latest threat: the release of a clone of villain Blackstar (Tyler Mane) and the vision of a renewed threat from Sheldon and his son Brandon / Paragon (Andrew Horton). A twist in the finale showed that it really is Sheldon’s brother Walter / Brainwave (Ben Daniels) who is the mastermind of today’s madness. So George, Walter and Grace / Lady Liberty (Leslie Bibb) fought in the head of the (dead) Blackstar clone? Just a construct of Walter’s mind.

“It was really brilliant, really amazing storytelling,” Lanter tells TV Insider. “We have never seen George today. We don’t know where George is or what he’s doing or what kind of chaos he could hopefully wreak in season 2. “

So what do we know? After all, most of what we know about George after the flashbacks (aside from newspaper clippings) comes from the others, especially Walter, who drove the narrative that Skyfox was the one behind it all. “He left the group. Mark Millar discovered in the comics that he was a bad guy, ”says Lanter. “But I think what will be interesting to see how that works out is, of course, that the Union is calling him a villain and the world has been taught that George / Skyfox is a villain.”

But if you ask Lanter, “He thinks he’s doing the right thing and is likely to sit back or do something. Like any good bad guy, he’s justified in everything he does. I think this is a guy who has been framed and who is just hiding and hopefully he will come out in a big way when he does. “

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No, Walter doesn’t know where George is either, so framing him might have been a bit of a gamble. “But it’s a game of chance worth playing, just the joy of ruining his life,” laughs Daniels.

This is something Walter particularly likes and related to something you may have missed. “George was really hiding and it’s so fascinating to me and it’s been a source of endless conversations that I used to have with Mark Millar. He’s stealing George’s wife with a brain trick that you’ll get more of in Season 2, ”Daniels continues. “She appears really briefly in the scene with the cake on the beach. He says, “Say hello to Blackstar, darling.” This is George’s wife. He literally can’t stand George being anywhere near him for the rest of his life, so he just has to get him out of the universe. I think he hates that he doesn’t know where George is, but he loves that he’s out of his life and giving him sorrow. “

George defected and is hiding because “he lost everything,” explains Lanter. “There’s a big hole in his heart that Sheldon, Walt, and his affiliations were in.” For his character, Walter and Sheldon were his family after losing his parents.

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But they are not his only family. He also has a son, Hutch (Ian Quinlan), who is trying to find him. But every time he tries to use the power bar George gave him that can take him anywhere, he takes him to a strip club. That just shows the funny side of George, who sees “life as a theater production,” says Lanter.

Hutch may have another device by the end of the season, but it can be used to locate his MIA father. “I think there is probably a good reason for this [George] doesn’t want to be found, ”admits Lanter. “Would he approve of something? [Hutch is] to do? Probably not, but maybe there is a special little “Yes, this is my son, he’s breaking all the rules and trying to find me.”

The star is hoping there will be a second season so he can share scenes with the “charismatic” Quinlan. “I love that he and George are related. I think there are a lot of similarities, ”he adds. “I know our director of Episode 3 [Christopher J. Byrne] Ian showed some of the dailies because of my performance as George [they thought] Hutch had to bring some of the charisma that was inherent in him. “

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