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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s daughter bought her mother a rainbow ring – and the gift has a special meaning.

When the 7-year-old was born in the fall of November 2013, a 42-year-old actress saw a real rainbow in front of the hospital window and when her little girl presented her with a moving “beautiful present” she was blown away.

In an Instagram story, she provided a photo of a gold ring with the title: “The most beautiful gift from the most beautiful people. There is a rainbow connection because my daughter and I saw the rainbow out the window the moment we were born. Thanks @thetiabeestokes and @madebymary. “

Sweet gestures reveal that “9-1-1” pregnant stars – with son Atticus (6 years old) and husband Brian Hallisay – are recently expecting their third child, who I will come after you.

In May, she said, “We were always one-third open, but we didn’t expect the whole world to be like this at this moment in a crazy year. We have the feeling that we succeeded. Major role. Much more than two really special kids to model with. This was a very funny, beautiful and great gift to be able to do everything again with another little person at that time. “

And Jennifer said she couldn’t wait for her two children to greet her younger sibling, and Atticus even speculated that his mother was pregnant before the actress even knew herself. Have.

She added, “One night the children and I were lying in bed watching TV. A clear blue commercial appeared on television. My son came out of nowhere, ”Mom orders if you have a baby. You must be hungry. ‘”How rude! I just had a big dinner. What does he say? “It stays with me and they keep their brothers for a year or so often. I asked about it. We weren’t closed to this idea, it wasn’t what we were actively thinking about.”

As for the actress on the “client list”, I have confirmed that there is no fourth child because a family of five is enough.

She said, “I’m pretty sure. I don’t think I can do anything else. I think 5 is a great number. “

Jennifer Love Hewitt receives a sentimental gift from her daughter | Entertainment news

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