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According to a new report, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are already talking about “reassurance”.

The ex-couple recently rekindled the romance after their first date in 2002. They got engaged after a two month date and separated 18 months later. “Fast engagement” was on the menu.

The insider said: Despite the years of distance, her emotions quickly returned. Everything feels very natural.

“After her grief over the past few months, Jen admitted that Ben really helped her to heal and love.

“You have already spoken about the future and are regaining your composure, and it is full of joy and excitement. Friends won’t be surprised at how quickly they get engaged, or even the wedding they once planned. . “

The 51-year-old singer and actress split up with ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez, split with Bond girl Ana de Armas, and after they crossed paths again this year, she and 48-year-old Ben said, “This is correct . Armas should be convinced that it makes sense.

A source added: It really is like a movie plot and she invests in her fairy tales.

“They spend a lot of time repeating the mistakes they made the first time and consciously preventing outside influences from affecting their relationships again. They don’t talk about each other in interviews. I agree that I usually make it less noticeable than it was in the beginning. “

And the two, who are still “chemistry”, want to “start the life that they always planned together”.

The insider told Closer magazine: The two hope that years later, after reunification, they will be able to look forward to the life they have always planned again. “

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Seriously Romantic Reconciliation | Entertainment news

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