Jeep fans hit the highway to lift cash for St. Jude

PEKIN (Heart of Illinois ABC) – More than 100 Jeep owners made their way to a “Jeep Creep” Saturday to raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The group started in Uftring Pekin and drove slowly through the back roads in the area, making several stops before ending at Lake Sankoty.

At each station there were games and raffles to raise money, as well as a live auction and a concert in the evening to close.

Organizer Mitzi Pollitt said they expected to raise more than $ 50,000 on Saturday and shared what she hoped the drivers would leave after their experience.

“I just hope that they leave with a big heart for what they do and with appreciation for everyone. It’s just a great thing and I hope you leave feeling like you’ve really achieved something today,” said Pollitt.

The fundraising campaign started in 2019 with around 60 jeeps. Pollitt said it has gotten bigger and better every year and she hopes it will keep growing.