Raven-Symoné fell 28 pounds.

“That’s So Raven” star shared her incredible weight loss news in a video posted on Instagram.

When she was driving with his wife Miranda Pearman-Made, she said to her fans: “Pound, pound. Look at your chin.

“Can you see the chin? Now when you literally see “Raven’s Uchi” and see this joint live, you see a very different face. It’s a whole trip.

“As you know, I’m 28 pounds thin. I lost *** tons of weight. “

Her spouse told her, you are doing very well. “

The 35-year-old star added, “Now I am fasting 48 hours, so now I am on this journey.”

Meanwhile, the couple, who got married last June, recently announced that they are considering raising a family together.

“I want four children. I want a big family. I want to make dinners and holiday gatherings full of excitement and fun, ”said Raven in a joint interview.

And Raven doesn’t think a single child is “distracted enough” by the hectic life of the industry.

She added, “But if you only have one child, I don’t think it’s enough to distract you. I want to have a lot of people at home. “

Miranda agreed, “We want a really quaint family dinner together, loud, at home that we didn’t really grow up with.

Raven and Miranda each want children, but say they might adopt more.

“Raven’s Uchi” actress said, “It doesn’t all have to come out of our bodies, but I don’t think it should.”

And Miranda said, “We really have to sit down. I think we were very distracted between getting married and moving last year and starting this job together. The conversation It wasn’t on the front line.

“As Raven says, we can’t get younger, and it’s great to freeze eggs and find out they’re there and safe, and that’s probably me. I think we will. “

But Raven said he ideally wants to “save a few extra commas in the bank, a thriving YouTube channel, and we’ll move” before he has a child. Was.

“I look very different”: Raven Simone loses 28 pounds | Entertainment news

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