Iran spy TV present ignites controversy for 2nd season | Leisure

In the second season of 13 episodes, which airs during Iran’s 13-day Nowruz or New Year holiday, Iranian intelligence agents take on Western spies trying to infiltrate the Iranian government and divulge confidential information about nuclear negotiations as part of a crippling U.S. Collect business pressure campaign.

In keeping with the spirit of the show’s heroic video game fantasy inspired by real events, a character resembling the prominent exiled journalist Ruhollah Zam, kidnapped in Iraq last December and executed in Iran, makes one in season two Cameo. One of the treacherous diplomats on the show is believed to be modeled after two of Zarif’s MPs in talks with the US over Iran’s nuclear program.

During his two seasons, Gando has “reversed realities … and exposed a divide in the establishment while adding differences in the ruling system,” said Tehran-based political analyst Majid Younesian.

Certain scenes in the last two episodes appeared to have been roughly edited, and the finale ended strangely abruptly, causing criticism of possible government interference with the series.

An adviser to President Hassan Rouhani, Hesameddin Ashena, promised the government did not interfere with the show or press for it to be canceled.

The allegations came when Iran and the administration of US President Biden announced the countries indirect negotiations would begin this week in Vienna about how the ragged Iranian nuclear program in 2015 can be restored with the world powers. Former President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal almost three years ago and imposed unprecedented sanctions on Iran.