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Indonesian animated film Nusa 2021 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Bifan), Planned for 8.-18. July in South Korea.

The film is shown at festivals in the family category. Executive producer Angga Dwimas Sasongko shared an invitation from Bifan on his Twitter account Tuesday after being accused online of paying for the nomination.

This film is directed by Bonnie Willasmono and is his first feature film.

The film with Asri Wellas’ voice as Bibi Mar, a funny and loving nanny, Hamka Sileger. Park Ucock and Opie Kumis as Babe Jaelani. The film was co-produced by Little Giants Animation Studios and Visinema Pictures.

Visinema producer Anggia Kharisma said the plot was written by Visinema. She believes viewers all over the world are welcoming Visinema’s first animated film.

“We’re really excited because we’re strengthening ourselves. We’re making an important story, ”Anggia said as quoted.

Nusa It is one of the three Indonesian films that will appear in BIFAN 2021. The other two are Miles Films Paranoia and Cornelius Sunny Death Knot.

The animated film was controversial online after social media influencer Eko Kunthadi accused the character of promoting the Taliban for wearing robes and hijabs. However, netizens also pointed out that the story centers on Nussa’s attempt to impress his father, who returns home after a year abroad.

Nusa After his fame, a bright nine-year-old boy decided to attend his school’s Science Expo. Nussa is disabled and is seeing an orthopedic technician. However, his father has canceled his return trip and cannot take part in the Nusa competition. This film shows Nusa’s journey to discover the real meaning of gratitude.

Indonesian animation “Nussa” by Bifan premiered in online controversy entertainment

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