CINCINNATI – Yogis gathered at Paul Brown Stadium on Saturday for NamasDey, and this year’s virtual yoga event raised funds for an organization expanding access to feminine care products.

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NamasDey was created by Kroger and U from Kotex in collaboration with. presents Tidal Babe Period Bank.

The organization was founded in 2018 when advocates learned that one in four women in the Cincinnati area is having trouble getting feminine products. Since then, Tidal Babe has helped an average of 1,500 women a month by sending them menstrual kits.

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“It’s not just a health problem,” said Anna MacLennan of the Hamilton County’s Commission on Women and Girls. “It’s also a hygiene problem and, frankly, a problem of personal dignity. If you don’t have this product, you can’t feel good, you can’t feel safe, you can’t feel clean. “Don’t go to school, you don’t go to work, it can only exacerbate pre-existing inequalities.”

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