How To Make Cash on YouTube in 2021

Earning money from what you love is most people’s dream. There are several ways for photographers and videographers to achieve this, and one of them is developing a source of income on YouTube.

We are emerging from the back of one of the most tumultuous 12 month periods in living memory for the majority of us. It was taxable in just about every way imaginable, and one option, especially for photographers and videographers, is financial. I don’t know a single person in our industry who hasn’t felt any pressure. We couldn’t complete most of the filming, disposable income declined across the board, weddings and events were canceled, and so on. It was difficult and a lot of people still waver from it.

When I first went full-time self-employed, I read every book I could about money and business building and learned some important lessons – even crucial ones. One of these was that I had to build multiple sources of income to survive, especially in an industry with such a low average wage. One of the routes I took for this was writing, but YouTube was on that list too, it just didn’t feel like I was playing to my strengths. However, I have seen many colleagues and contemporaries have great success on the platform and incorporate the creation of video content into their work lives to the point where it is of paramount importance to their income.

In this video, Peter Lindgren talks about how you can make money on YouTube and allows you to look behind the curtain to see how much he’s making too.