How to economize on clothes, with out sacrificing your type | Vogue & Model

To avoid extra junk or temptation in your inbox, she suggested having a separate email account that you can use when signing up for promotions.

Shop sales at the end of the season

Shops need to move goods to make room for the upcoming season’s offerings. And that usually means discounts.

“You get 40% to 60% off sales at the end of the season,” said Woroch, who stocked up on the basics. “I have a size for my kids. For the summer I’ll grab tank tops or sandals. Everyone knows what they’re getting into.”

But remember: regardless of the discount, it’s not a deal if you don’t take advantage of it.

What is old is new again

After staring at our closets every morning, things are bound to feel a bit stale.

Bringing in someone with a new perspective can spice up our wardrobe again by discovering some hidden gems or offering outfit inspiration.

“I love having friends who help me put outfits together,” said Lowry.

Take care of your clothes

Check the care instructions before buying.

“The way you care for your clothes can have an impact on your total costs as you wear them out,” said Woroch. Washing or drying at the wrong temperature, or ignoring hand washing instructions can affect the longevity of your clothes.