How to economize in your electrical invoice whereas nonetheless staying cool this summer time

DETROIT – The heat rolled into Metro Detroit over the weekend and now we’re also experiencing some moisture.

Temperatures are expected to be in the low to mid 80s Tuesday through Thursday, we could see sultry night lows in the top 60s. As we experience these temperatures, DTE offers some tips to save money while countering the heat.

We know the Michigan summers can be a heavy drain on energy bills, especially with so many customers still working from home.

Robert Feldmann, managing director of DTE Energy.

DTE is offering some advice this summer to help customers cut their energy bills.

  • Use a microwave or outdoor grill in place of your oven in the afternoon when temperatures are peaking. If you need to cook indoors, turn on your exhaust fan to bring hot air outside.

  • Wait until evening to wash, wash up, or rinse.

  • Shower faster than normal in cooler temperatures.

  • Use blinds, drapes, window film, or sun protection on west and south windows to block out the heat generated by sunlight.

  • Check your HVAC filters monthly, especially during the summer. You should change your filters at least every three months.

DTE also wants to remind people to check on loved ones and neighbors, especially seniors or those without air conditioning, during extreme heat.

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