How the Leisure Trade Adapts to the Pandemic

In In Focus: SoCal this week, host Tanya McRae examines how the Los Angeles entertainment industry continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier this week, the director of the LA County Department of Public Health, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Film and TV Productions, to stop production by the end of the month due to increasing numbers. Most productions have been suspended since the holidays, and movie-permit applications have continued to decline in LA since November.

LA City Councilor Joe Buscaino explains how FilmLA supports the industry and how most productions are working with the county’s COVID-19 guidelines to ensure protocols are followed.

David White, SAG-AFTRA’s national executive director, joins the conversation and shares how the union both supports its members who are currently unable to work and broadcasts journalists covering the pandemic.

McRae also meets the co-founder of PURE Sets, which was founded at the beginning of the pandemic and is helping to ensure that production sets become COVID-19 compliant. They offer four services including large scale decontamination, medically trained personnel to monitor the film crew, FDA approved PPE and testing.

As the theater industry turns and adapts to the pandemic, Spectrum News 1’s Tara Lynn Wagner examines what the industry is doing to survive and move forward.

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