How Netflix helped ‘The White Tiger’ film turn out to be a actuality | Leisure

She had to fight for roles that were more than just stereotypes. Even Pinky, who is married to Balram’s boss, needed a little update for the film. In the book, she only saw Balram’s voyeuristic eyes. In the film, she is a fully realized person.

Jonas has also made it his business to bring more South Asian stories to the world through her production company Purple Pebble Pictures.

“We’re a fifth of the world’s population, but you don’t see that in global entertainment,” she said.

After all, she also wants to direct. Her husband, Nick Jonas, advised her: “Stop thinking about it and just do it.”

And she believes that streaming services help broaden people’s horizons and familiarize them with global content.

Jonas hopes the non-Indian audience understands that “The White Tiger” is set at the turn of the 21st century and that modern India is very different from what is portrayed in the book and film. The class differences, she said, are a metaphor for the enormous differences in wealth in each country.

Of course, “The White Tiger” is primarily entertainment with a few “Goodfellas” touchstones.

“We were trying to make a fun, fast, and driving movie with a great main character and an amazing array of screenings,” said Bahrani. “Everything else is a bonus.”

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