How Amongst Us’ New Artwork Type Compares To The Authentic One

Popular social deduction game Among Us got a major new update this week, with a subtle visual makeover to the game’s characters.

To celebrate the game’s third birthday, Between us has released its latest update that includes many big changes to the game. In addition to the gameplay changes, some visual adjustments are also added – more colors, a new kill screen meeting menu, and an improved graphic style. How does Among Us’s new look compare to the game’s previous look?

The latest update was teased by Innersloth for some time, and development progress has been gradually revealed through the announcement of new colors and other upcoming features such as the ability to honk the airship’s horn. The most anticipated of these changes, however, was an increase in Among Us’s maximum player capacity from 10 to 15 people. The release of the update also included several bug fixes and support for mobile controllers.

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The Below us roadmap, unveiled about a week ago during Summer Game Fest 2021, outlines what fans should expect next from Innersloth. A new map, hide and seek mode, and other cosmetic changes are currently in the works. However, the recently introduced artistic revisions have already sparked a lot of discussion among gamers. While some believe that by switching to a more uniform outline style, Among Us has lost some of its unique visual identity, this could make future updates to the game easier.

What is different about our new art style?

How we compare the new art style with the original

According to the announcement by Inner sloth, the game’s new graphic style is cleaner and easier to animate. While the characters in Among Us previously had somewhat rough black outlines, they now appear smoother and more uniform, with rounder shapes and rounder visors. While the change is subtle, the simplified character models will likely make it easier to implement entirely new character animations, cosmetics, and even colors in later updates. Than even more roles and Game modes are presented among us, the game seems to be shifting more focus to player freedom and game customization, and it’s likely that changing the graphic style will help make future additions a lot easier.

In the update announcement, the developers also addressed the fact that the game’s latest colors – especially low-contrast pastels like rose and banana – aren’t particularly color-blind-friendly. Innersloth aims to remove color as the primary form of player identification within the game, although as of now there is no concrete statement on how this will be implemented. Probably, additional cosmetic options among us will be provided. On the visors, crew members could wear capes, necklaces or other accessories to differentiate them even more drastically than before without relying on color. Between us Fans can more than likely expect a number of other visual updates to the game to come out in the near future.

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Source: Inner sloth

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