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Summer House cast members might make a pretty penny spending their summers in a beautiful Montauk home. Reality TV can be very lucrative.

The cast of Summer house Makes big bucks for appearing on the Bravo series, and we’ve gathered interesting information about their esteemed Bravo paychecks. The nine roommates were successful in their original careers before joining the series. However, the show has enabled them to make money as reality TV stars as they expand their careers. For many fans, these actors have dream jobs. Spending a summer in a Montauk home and getting paid to do it is a comfy appearance. The ones that appear on the upcoming spinoff Winter House will make a little more money.

The Bravo series began in 2017 with original cast members including Kyle Cooke, Cristina Gibson, Lindsay Hubbard, Stephen McGee, Carl Radke, Jaclyn Shuman, Everett Weston, Ashley Wirkus, and Lauren Wirkus. Three of the original cast members (Carl, Kyle and Lindsay) are still part of the series today. Since season one, others have joined the ranks and managed to stay in the group. Now that Summer House is growing in popularity, it’s likely that the performers are earning enough to consider their Summer House performances as their main job if they want to.

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Aside from their full-time jobs, Summer House performers (The stars of the fifth season are on Instagram) earn a big salary just for the Hamptons party. According to DistractThe cast will likely receive large paychecks, but the exact salary amounts have not been made public. However, expected salaries range between $ 10,000 and $ 20,000 per episode. Seasons three and four aired a total of 14 episodes, meaning each performer made an estimated $ 140,000 to $ 280,000 per season. That’s more than what most people their age will make in a year with nine to five jobs.

The show also enabled the cast to generate money on social media as influencers. Brands know how popular the cast is with the younger generation and use their fame to sell their products. Hannah Berner, who has a relationship with Des Bishop, is one of the most popular actresses. She frequently posts sponsored content on her Instagram page for brands like Body Amor and Invisalign. She also got a place on the late night show Bravos Chat Room. She plays with Porsha Williams of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Gizelle Bryant of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Carl Radke and Fashion journalist Paige DeSorbo also posted ads on Instagram.

The cast of Summer House is making sizable income from appearing on the Bravo series, but the show also opens doors and lines up its stars for other occasions. Whether it is brand offers or other job offers, Summer house has allowed the performers to broaden their horizons regarding their careers. What does the future hold for these nine 30-year-olds from New York?

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