Household Enjoyable occasions full of schooling, leisure

You can always rely on nature to bring families together.

See for yourself when you stop by the Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Family Fun in the Forest events. Come to the games and hands-on activities. Stick around for all the practical information and outdoor know-how you will take with you on the go!

The first Family Fun in the Forest event will land on Sunday, June 13th, 2-4pm (Pacific time) in the Lakeview Park Pavilion. The event, sponsored by Sandpoint Parks and Recreation and FSPW, is focused on learning more about the plants and animals in the community’s wild backyard. After all the fun and games, FSPW officials said, you will discover and identify the plants and animals that make Scotchman Peaks so great. Skulls, antlers, fur skins, and other learning tools will enable people to grapple with nature’s coolest facts, a press release said.

After the event, residents are invited to contribute some of this new knowledge when FSPW employee Kelsey Maxwell leads an ecology expedition to Goat Mountain on Wednesday June 16. The expedition is the perfect time to put this identification knowledge to the test. While the trail is steep the pace becomes slow and there are plenty of breaks to talk about the trees, plants, and animals on the mountain.

“Are we going to make it to the top?” FSPW officials said in the press release. ‚ÄúProbably not, but that’s fine because the journey is what counts. It all starts at 9 am at the Goat Mountain Trailhead.

There are more family fun hikes in summer. FSPW hosts a wildflower walk along Blacktail Creek, adventures in Ross Creek Cedars, blueberry hikes on Pillick Ridge, and more. And if you can’t do the Family Fun in the Forest event at Sandpoint this weekend, there is another on Sunday June 27th.

Each Family Fun hike includes a different level of difficulty and new educational topics. Regardless of the overall challenge, the hikes will be slow as the group examines the surroundings and smells the flowers – literally! visit to find out all the details about each hike and event.

Are you looking for more ways to explore your wild garden this summer? Keep an eye out for more great events!