Holy Smoke & Grill House-Model BBQ | Wednesday Pickup in Murrieta!

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Pitmaster Royce from Holy smoke & grill specializes in some of the best smoked BBQ in Murrieta. He will offer his menu this Wednesday to the Roadside pickup from 12:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in Murrieta. The full menu and pre-order can be found on Foodnome ? https://foodno.me/holy-smoke

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? Holy Smoke & Grill is a county legal restaurant located near the corner of Whitewood Rd & Keller Rd in Murrieta. General location is shown within a half-mile radius on the map in the order link above. The exact address will be given after the order is completed to protect the privacy of the chefs. Enjoy!

Current customer rating:
“Brisket, Tri Tip and Ribs were perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious with a rich smoke flavor. I can only recommend Holy Smoke and Chef Royce!”