Hochul’s announcement of latest Covid measures showcases new model of management | Native Information

She also said she knew few expected the coronavirus to still be such a problem, but the Delta variant had required ongoing containment and vaccination efforts.

The 7-day positive test rate in Western New York was 4.1% on Monday. Hochul noted that hospital admissions are manageable, but the one-day positive test rate for that region on Monday was 5.6%, a sign that infection rates remain high.

“I don’t like these numbers, my friends,” said Hochul.

Poloncarz also pointed out that of all Covid-19 deaths reported to date in Erie County in July and August, those who were not vaccinated died at a younger age. The mean age at death for the vaccinated was 80. For the unvaccinated, the mean age at death was 70.

Because the 2020 census increased Erie County’s total population, the percentage of adults who received at least one dose of the vaccine has now dropped from more than 70% to 69%, which is below the national average.

Later on Tuesday, Hochul announced during a virtual press conference that she would convene an “extraordinary session” of the state parliament from Wednesday to address a trio of issues, including one related to the pandemic: the extension of an eviction moratorium until January 15. The US Supreme Court intervened earlier this month to lift a federal eviction moratorium imposed by the Biden government. In the absence of state laws, heads of state and government fear a housing crisis for tenants who are behind with their payments.