Hickory Hill Malco Majestic Theater to be offered; leisure advanced to be constructed on the location

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Malco Majestic at Hickory Hill is on sale and what’s coming soon will be more than just movies.

Malco Majestic was put up for sale when film producer Marie Pizano was looking for space to open a film production studio.

“That was just a stroke of luck. We have about 20 acres of land and the 80,000 square meter building, ”said Pizano.

Little did she know that businessman Darnell Stitts was looking for a new showroom for electric vehicles in the same place.

“Surrounded by a food court, bowling alley, ice rink, etc.,” said Stitts, CEO of ATWEC Technologies.

The owner of Majestic suggested the two work together and a one-of-a-kind entertainment complex took shape. They call it something like Memphis has never seen.

“It’s like Universal Studios, Stax, and Time Warner rolled into one,” said Pizano.

You buy the theater and the 18 acres that surround it. Right now, all of the old equipment and movie props are being thrown away and much of the interior is being redesigned.

Phase 1 includes a dining area, theater and event center. It is scheduled to open in July.

“This is exactly where we will have our piano. We’ll have gigs here, ”said Pizano as she led us through the building.

Films will continue to be shown, but also a lot more. Some theater rooms become film sets.

“We’re going to close this here. This is our café area where the cast and crew can eat,” Pizano said when she pointed to one of the rooms.

Stitts is working on opening phase 2 by fall. It will include a sports complex with indoor soccer fields, striking areas and a sports bar.

“It would be a place where you could actually bring your family and basically have a good time doing a variety of things,” Stitts said.

A third partner will build a new hotel on the huge parking lot. Overall, it’s a $ 50 million project that is expected to create 600 jobs. Developers are looking for grants and tax incentives.

They hope to put Memphis on the map as a movie city.

“I think we will be a force to be reckoned with,” said Pizano.

On Saturday the partners will give the city guides a presentation on the development. They hope to receive the city’s support and seal of approval.

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