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Henry Golding wants his daughter to understand the importance of travel.

The 34-year-old actor and his wife Liverow gave birth to a baby girl on March 31st. Henry said he would like to take his daughter to different countries around the world, especially because of his own “multiculturalism”. Family”.

He says, “I was fortunate enough to grow up with parents who understood the importance of traveling. I come from a multicultural family. My father is British and my mother is Malaysian. So we always do that. Had a mixed diversity of heritage. I think they are children of two worlds.

“I think it’s really important to understand how lucky we are from an early age, so I think it’s about going to places like Asia and being allowed to go. [kids] It’s really important to experience a completely different culture. “

The “Snake Eyes” star loved his father’s experience and praised his nameless daughter as a “good boy”.

“She is a very good baby. My wife is an amazing and wonderful mother and we have been blessed all along. “

And while Henry is still a fresh father, he has learned “to feel good, to feel overwhelmed”.

He told People magazine, “It’s a very overwhelming experience.” Oh, what am I really scared of? What do you worry about? “She’s fine, she’s fine, but as a new parent you’re like,” Oh, what if she did, my God? This is totally wrong. ”” ”

Meanwhile, Henry recently said he was already “overprotective” of his daughter.

He explained, “Every morning she seems to come up with something new and exciting. She’ll show you that or she’ll smile. Every day is a joy. It’s crazy. You already have a feeling of overprotection. I feel myself. I am sure it will get worse! “

Henry Golding: I want my daughter to travel the world | Entertainment news

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