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Dear Heloise, a quick tip on whitening and lightening toes and fingernails. Apply toothpaste and wait 10 to 15 minutes before going in the shower. Exfoliate with a nail brush and you will be amazed with the results. – June J., Brandenburg, Ky.

Dear Heloise, we lived in several different houses (nine in total) and I always kept a “house book” that was just a large notebook. I took photos of the houses we bought and renovations we did. This included when an improvement was made, such as a new roof, with the date and the company that did the work. This also had the before and after pictures. By the time it was time to sell, we had an accurate billing of our home which helped us sell faster than most of our neighbors. – Anna D., Columbia, SC

Dear Heloise, I have found that it is always advisable to have some old towels in the trunk of my car. They are rolled up and in a plastic box. There were times when I had to clean up a sick child, pack up an injured animal, clean up my windshield, and many other things that came up during my trip. When the towels got very old and thin, I cut them open for clothes to wash my windows. – Carrie N., New Haven, Conn.