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Celebrity culture and entertainment are often looked down upon and not always given the best display.

Entertainment coverage has so much depth and the creative abilities that go with it are limitless. Without it, readers wouldn’t know nearly as much about the inside of the entertainment industry.

However, there is an intersection between entertainment and mainstream news. This is found in situations like COVID-19 or protests for racial equality.

This overlap can be found in reports like coverage of Tom Hanks testing positive for COVID-19 or celebrities donating large sums of money to organizations that support the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s worth finding out how pop culture relates to social issues, such as the spotlight of the LGBTQ + community in Schitt’s Creek or the curvature of conservatories like Netflix “I am very worried” or the #FreeBritney Move.

Entertainment news can broaden your horizons by exploring new avenues that they may not have explored. The greatest representation of this is through reality TV. It is common for people to dislike reality TV as it is often referred to as “trash TV”. But there is undue variation within the genre of reality.

The choices include competitions like “The Voice” or “Survivor”, love like “Are You the One?” or “The Bachelor”, Home Design like “House Hunters” or “Flip or Flop” and Lifestyle Reality like “The real world” or “Jersey Shore” and more.

The best topics in the entertainment news are big headlines like Demi Lovato’s overdose or the sexual harassment cases involving Harvey Weinstein, but also light-hearted articles like news related to the topic Kardashians and updates on the Bachelor franchise. Legacy pieces are also special – being able to describe a person’s contributions to life through their achievements in both their career and personal life.

Bringing entertainment news and pop culture to you weekly has been one of my greatest aspirations. Entertainment news is special to me. Thank you for participating.

Upcoming publications in the worldd the entertainment

There are many exciting things to do in the world of entertainment. Summer is always a great time to get into pop culture and reality TV.

“The Bachelorette” returns on June 7th with Katie Thurston in the lead. Your season was filmed at a resort in New Mexico.

The CBS long-term show “Big Brother” returns for the 23rd time. “America’s Got Talent” also returned on June 1st with judges Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell.

The MTV TV and Movie Awards will air on MTV on May 16 and hosted by actress Leslie Jones.

Driver’s License singer Olivia Rodrigo is slated to release her debut album on May 21st and Maroon 5 is slated to release her seventh album, Jordi, on June 11th.

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