Have a good time the New Yr in Conventional Greek Fashion

Greeks smash pomegranates as part of a traditional New Year celebration. Photo credit: Joergens.mi / Wikimedia commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

Celebrations for the New Year can be found in countless cultures around the world, and Greece is no different. There are many unique traditions to celebrate the country’s New Year.

Fireworks shows

Fireworks are an integral part of the New Year celebrations in many countries. The breathtaking plays of light and color are even more impressive and impressive in Greece, which is full of natural wonders Archaeological Pages.

Grecian Delight supports Greece

On New Year’s Eve, glitter and magic shows light up the skies across the country in many towns and villages. The spectacles vary from city to city, but they are all great to watch.

Greek New Year Cake or Vasilopita

January is the New Year as well as the feast day of Greek Orthodox Saint Basil. In honor of the New Year and St. Basil’s Day, the Greeks bake a coin in a New Year cake called “Vasilopita”.

The delicious cake is cut into slices and served. The first cut goes to Jesus, the rest to the family – Greeks even cut slices for family members who are not present, as well as one for “the house”.

Whoever receives the lucky piece with the coin baked in it should be lucky for the coming year.

Christmas carols bring happiness to your home

Caroling is not just a Christmas tradition in Greece. Carolers also play triangles and sing Christmas carols or “Kalanda” while visiting the homes in their neighborhood for the new year.

It is customary to give money to the children when they come to your home. The songs are supposed to bless your house for the new year and are therefore considered a good luck charm if a Christmas singer visits you. This is a very old tradition that lives on across the country!

Playing cards

Happiness and New Years go hand in hand, and doing something that might attract even more happiness, like playing games, is something no Greek would ever say no to. Betting is humble and symbolic, the idea is to get something out of nowhere, a real metaphor for luck!

Even with limited amounts, the enthusiasm is great and the games usually last all night, even in cafes and pubs. People in Greece also often play board games, dice, and the lottery. It is even common to give away lottery tickets to friends on New Year’s Eve.

Another place at the table

As expected, Greeks usually celebrate the New Year with a delicious feast. It is common to invite friends and family over to your home and serve a delicious meal before heading out to celebrate the year ahead.

As a symbolic ritual that is closely related to legendary Greek hospitality, many households place an additional free space at the New Year’s table so that there is always a place at the table for every newcomer.

Smashing pomegranates, a Greek New Year celebration

Hanging a large, juicy pomegranate over the front door is a typical Greek ritual that takes place on New Year’s Eve.

Traditionally, the family leaves the house a few minutes before midnight. Shortly after midnight, a particularly happy family member (usually a child) is the first to enter the house again by stepping in with their right foot.

This happy “first footer” will be responsible for bringing happiness to all residents of the house for the rest of the year.

While the “first footer” enters the house, another family member grabs the pomegranate with his right hand and hits it against the door, so that as many seeds as possible fly through the room.

Tradition has it that the more seeds that fall on the floor, the more happiness it will bring to the house.