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Groovy Granny raises cash for native household


NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – Groovy Granny has been known for his brightly painted bus and his brightly colored one-offs for many years. Behind the colorful bus there is a message of help and hope.

On June 26th, Groovy Granny’s bus was parked on the corner of Willow and Fourth Streets to raise money for the local family whose 10-year-old daughter died. Ten percent of the merchandise sales and 100 percent of the lemonade sales are donated for funeral expenses.

“Since we started the Crafts Fair, we’ve always donated to the community,” said Michelle Whips, owner of Groovy Granny. “God always gives me a family that needs help. Either your child had a heart operation, or they had cancer, or they sadly passed away and they need help with the funeral expenses, so let’s come out and do what we can to help. “

Groovy Granny brought her granddaughter Arabella Whips or Groovy Baby to moderate her lemonade stand to help with the fundraiser.

“We’re raising funds for the girl who passed away last week,” said Groovy Baby Arabella Whips. “I am grateful because it is very nice to help people who really need it.”

Groovy Granny also keeps a diaper cart in the store and gives baby food to families in need of help.

“We just make it our business to donate back,” said Michelle.

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