Gillian Anderson’s mini breakdowns | Leisure

Gillian Anderson had “a few minor glitches” during her career.

The “X-Files” star admits she had had a tough time in her long career, so she took some time off to do theater and “embrace” acting again.

She said, “I had a couple of little mishaps during that time and in the end I couldn’t talk about it, couldn’t see it, couldn’t see pictures, couldn’t. I had to immerse myself in a theater in another country right away.” , and after a while I was able to hug it again, but when I started hugging it it was almost like I’d broken up so much that I looked at the picture like it was someone else as completely as we can, and that over such long periods of time, there will be no consequences. Of course there will be consequences. “

When Gillian finished her run on “A Streetcar Named Desire”, she admitted it was like a “grief process” because the role was so “deep” for her.

She told The Hollywood Reporter, she said, “I felt like I lost my best friend. I mourned. Some friends of mine in New York had brunch for me the weekend after [I wrapped my run]and I arrived like a complete wreck. It was so profound. I also knew that it was unlikely that I would do it again because I knew that I was likely to go mad. I came very close. For example, I had barely survived, and if I did it again out of ego or attachment, or not wanting to let her go, there would be consequences. So I knew it was the end and it was so sad. “