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Using its own growth factor, Adjust created a global map to highlight mobile app trends outside of large, mature markets and to show app marketers where to find the greatest potential for growth.

“Now more than ever, mobile marketers need a roadmap to identify just the right users in just the right places at just the right points on their journey,” he said Andrey Kazakov, Adjust Chief Operations Officer. “Adjust’s data, coupled with Facebook’s insights into user preferences and actions, enables marketers to reach and retain their users with the highest value.”

The highlights of outstanding industries and regions include:

  • Gaming wins worldwide: According to Adjust’s findings Mobile app trends Games were the top industry last year. This is mainly due to innovative business models such as hyper casual, instantly playable games designed to deal with simple, satisfying mechanics.
  • Latin America gaming dominates as improved accessibility and a growing urban population drive rapid mobile development. Three of the top five countries in gaming are in Latin AmericaWith Argentina lead the pack. Vietnam, Brazil, China and Mexico round off the top 5.
  • India grows the fastest, with ever greater mobile penetration. Education is the fastest growing app industry, while entertainment is a highly competitive market for streaming and over-the-top media (OTT).
  • Entertainment has grown quickly and subscriptions are the trend to watch. According to Research conducted by AdjustUsing Apptopia data, nearly 80 percent of the 225 best apps in the Google Play Store and nearly 50 percent of the 225 best apps in the App Store are subscription-based.
  • Korea and Vietnam Top the charts for ecommerce as the two fastest growing markets in mobile-first commerce. To the Vietnam The apps there in particular offer enormous room for growth and build on untapped markets with eager consumers. China, Egypt and Colombia are also strong performers in e-commerce.

With these insights, marketers can develop an effective strategy for markets where they can most successfully expand their apps. More importantly, they can create targeted and personalized customer experiences.

“The mobile app is truly a global business. It’s easy to get started with because of the low barrier to entry, but also easy to fail if you don’t understand the markets and users well,” he said Bryan Wang, Director of Marketing Science, Greater China Region & Gaming on Facebook. “The data and insights in the Mobile App Growth Report can help app advertisers identify their new market entry strategies and effectively enable winning tactics.”

Download the full report for more results Here, or read more on the Adjust blog Here.


The Adjust Mobile App Growth Report, supported by Facebook, relies on data from 25,000 apps published in the app and Google Play stores combined in almost 250 countries and 12 industries in 2019 and 2020 to demonstrate the performance of the apps . The growth factor is calculated by dividing the total number of app installs per month by the number of monthly active users (MAU) for each industry and country in the Customize data set to show the growth rate of installs relative to the MAU base .

* All data comes exclusively from the Adjust platform and no Facebook data has been used in any way for this report.

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