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In these troubled times, I have to wonder which of the two titles is used the most. I see that small businesses fail on a daily basis and still large stores can continue to sell and play soccer games, soccer and basketball. Our local restaurant has followed all of the protocols set by the CDC and the governor. They all wore a mask and disinfected every table, menu and spice jar after someone touched them. They shut down tables to force social distancing and yet they shut down. Why?

I think it was because money speaks. With the efforts of the owner and staff of our local small businesses, they could have stayed open. The big businesses and sports have the revenue to push them through, even though you can see the sports are played without a mask or social distance. The big stores need a mask, but they don’t enforce social distancing. What did this state and this country come for? Myself, and others I have spoken to, feel that common sense has pushed the almighty dollar into the background.

Rodney Phillips


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