“Freedom Fashion BBQ” named throughout grand opening of Blackhawk BBQ | Information

BLACKFOOT – The grand opening of Blackhawk BBQ Pit’s brick and mortar house is finally here. Nic Transtrum and his family invited the folks at Blackfoot to open their family business on Thursday July 1st after a crazy year of construction to get to that point.

Transtrum, a former U.S. Army Blackhawk pilot, decided to incorporate his past into his future in hopes of cementing a legacy of crickets that would draw references from every corner of the country.

Transtrum started the business as a mobile grill company serving many different favorites from across the country. He announced during his grand opening opening speech that he is often asked what style of grill he pursues? Transtrum stated that he has influences from Kansas City to Texas flavored and smoky, to spicy Carolina and even as exotic as overseas Iraqi barbecue, but none of that is his style – his style can only be called “freedom style.” He stated that due to the many influences from across America, he has brought all of the flavors together to create an authentic taste bud liberating taste that will prepare his customers to return for another “mission”.

Transtrum didn’t spend too much time talking, but he made sure to thank those who serve this great nation, the police, the firefighters and all the other heroes who make sure our lives are allowed to be this way, as is the case in the US, the Army National Guard is there for being there and sharing the latest chapter in his life. After giving thanks, Transtrum raised hands with the veterans in attendance for recognition, then expanded it to include those who have a family member serving or serving, and then anyone who knows someone serving or serving. He emphasized that we are all connected by service and that those who give and some who give all do so for the people in the home.

Blackhawk BBQ Pit was a popular addition to the area when it was mobile and will continue to be as it has a home base. Transtrum assured its customers that they will continue to travel their now three mobile units on the I-15 corridor to distribute great barbecues in the valley and at the same time have the Blackfoot people on site at W. Judicial Street from Wednesday to Saturday and Street to use N. Broadway. Wednesday and Thursday have earlier closing times than Friday and Saturday, whereby the earlier closing time is 7:00 p.m. and the night barbecue rush can last until 9:00 p.m.

After finishing his announcements, he invited members of the Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce to approach the entrance for the official ribbon cutting. Mindi Loosli from the chamber passed the giant scissors to Transtrum with a giggle and warned him: “Be careful, they are sharp.” Transtrum posed with the scissors and prepared to cut. After just a few seconds, he cut the ribbon and the crowd of nearly 100 people broke out in clapping and cheering.

Transtrum served his country as a Blackhawk pilot, touring overseas, and traveling where the military needed him. Since then, he has shared that experience not just through his barbeque but through the friendships he made, taking close friend Jeff Deru on a life-changing experience offered by the Mountain Home National Small Business Guard. Transtrum was able to climb back into a Blackhawk with Deru and a few other friends and share his experiences with them.