It has been a while since we worked with YEEZY Gap. But after the first point of the joint deal was teased over the weekend by Kanye’s own bold debut (and most people missed it), it finally got the concrete one. Release information..

The “Round” YEEZY Gap Jacket arrives in a striking blue, costs 200 US dollars, accepts registrations and can be delivered in the fall. Now that we know what at least one YEEZY Gap piece looks like, the bandage part of our brain has only just started moving.

Bright blue nylon jackets are of course not easy to make. But is it easy to have fun? Like it or not, Kanye’s gear is in demand because it often pushes controversial buttons. Another word Foam RNNR or his Knitting cousin is coming soon For reference.

What is certain is that you probably won’t be wearing this blue YEEZY Gap jacket quietly. Here are three suggestions on how you can do this. Maybe … when you are down please specify the style. We look at the man himself first.

Scroll down to see how you wear the YEEZY Gap jacket.

Like Kanye

The world’s first look at the YEEZY Gap jacket was a wild Kanye look. If you have the courage to reproduce it, here’s a real Kanye fit: from the YEEZY Gap jacket, from Arc’teryx pants to Ye’s Nike Vandals, wear in summer at your own risk.

Like Kanye Stan

Jesus is King t shirt YEEZY Calabasas training pants Simple form RNNR

(Available in 3 member stores)

(Available in 3 member stores)

Where can I go shopping?

Dissatisfied artists and designers usually have more stubborn supporters than objectors. Kanye has a lot of them. And if you’re an avid fan, the wardrobe will already know that YEEZY Gap is far from being Kanye’s first foray into fashion. If you need more, here is a head-to-toe solution for Mr. West.

With neutral staples

Staples hoodie hood T-shirt Training shorts with embroidered logo Chuck 70 high sneakers

(Available in 2 shops)

Where can I go shopping?

Announcements of cooperation are often followed by questions about what, how and why. But the YEEZY gap makes perfect sense once it was announced last year. Both parties are known for selling cloakroom foundations that are classic, mostly without logos and can be worn with anything. To stay true to this atmosphere and Kanye’s penchant for earth pallets, we’ve selected some neutral items that will stand up to the times. Even if it’s not the blue YEEZY Gap jacket. Just say.

Or not…

Not everyone can comfortably wear a buffer and full face mask in summer. If someone. If you are still not satisfied with YEEZY Gap, or if you now prefer swimmers and slides, Highsnobiety Summer Style Guide To get suggestions for lighter clothing.

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4 ways to style a bright blue piece

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