Flyers land Atkinson, lower your expenses; Blue Jackets deliver again Voracek

Apparently the Flyers and Blue Jackets weren’t finished after they had already made some big trade. In the latest tradewho have favourited Flyer Cam Atkinsonwhile the Blue Jackets brought back Jakub Voracek.

Trade: Flyers get Atkinson, Blue Jackets bring Voracek back

Other trades had choices and / or perspectives to consider. At the moment it seems that this is an increasingly rare “one-on-one” deal.

It is critical that reports indicate that there was no salary deduction involved. Frank Seravalli from Daily Faceoff was among the reports that about the trade Voracek – Atkinson.

If that’s true, the gut answer is that this trade is a nice win for the Flyers. Look at their contracts:

  • Cam Atkinson, 32, carries a cap of $ 5.875 million through 2024-25 (four seasons).
  • Jake Voracek, 31, has a much larger AAV of $ 8.25 million. However, his contract expires after three seasons (2023-24). Also the difference between the two in actual salary is not as big as the Cap Hit Disparity.

These salary cap details are important because, while Voracek and Atkinson are different actors, their overall impact is comparable. They are two wingers who bring quite a bit to the table, even though they are both getting older:

Two strikers of similar caliber. Voracek is more polar with more offensive advantages while Atkinson is a great penalty killer.

– Evolving Hockey (@EvolvingHockey) July 24, 2021

Exchange flyers in the new look for Atkinson

Really, it’s been an off-season of change for the Flyers just by trading. (Could you have plans for the free agency, too?)

The Flyers used to give up Nolan Patrick, take a fascinating swing with Ryan Ellis. While this trade has good advantages, the flyers are play great on Rasmus Ristolainen to be better than its underlying statistics have argued.

According to the Voracek-Atkinson deal, the Flyers have about $ 12.5 million in cap space. to Cap Friendly. That space could go fast as the Flyers have important RFAs in. to have Carter Hart and Travis Sanheim. (You will probably want to invest in a replacement goalkeeper too? Maybe?)

Time will tell if the flyers are better after all of these trades. But they will certainly look different after an often deeply miserable season.

Blue jackets – Voracek reunion

In 2007 the Blue Jackets voted Jakub Voracek in seventh place overall.

We were all so much more innocent and fresher. (Photo by Getty Images)

During his first run with the Blue Jackets, Voracek played 241 games, scoring 39 goals and 134 points. We didn’t really see Voracek blossom until he was traded to the Flyers, where he became a deadly goalscorer (and increasingly looked like) Claude Giroux).

That Jeff Carter Handel didn’t just bring in the Flyers Voracek. The Flyers used the first-rounder from this deal for the design Sean Couturier.

(So, uh, the Blue Jackets could lose two Jakub Voracek is trading with the Flyers? Ouch.)

As far as we know, everyone – Voracek, Atkinson, Blue Jackets, and Flyers – could benefit from this fresh start. Like the Flyers, the 2021-22 Blue Jackets will look very different from the 2020-21 model.

The Blue Jackets were only traded a day ago Seth Jones to the Blackhawks in the mega-deal. During the trading period, they also landed major futures by selling high Nick Foligno and David Savard. Since John Tortorella is also out of town, this Columbus team looks very different.

Of all the Blue Jackets trades and changes, adding Voracek feels the least “mandatory” to Atkinson. He could, however, deliver some offensive pop in a season where this is hard to find.

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