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MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – MVP3 Entertainment Group, LLC, an in Memphis The company focuses on purpose-built films, music and television productions, and gives back to nonprofits. It recently partnered with ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (ATWT in the OTC markets) to launch an entertainment mecca in the mid-south.

ATWEC Technologies sells child safety solutions to schools and daycare centers around the world. ATWEC and MVP3 have teamed up to create MVP3 Studios & Partners, LLC, the rooftop for a multi-purpose center with six production sound stages, music recording studios, television stations, retail, museum, art gallery, restaurants, office space leasing and indoor sports complex and family entertainment.

This project also includes hospitality with a 150 room hotel developed by the Worsham Hotel Group (based in) Atlanta) developing full and full service hotels, boutique inns and private residences.

“We have created the ultimate entertainment powerhouse with three brands. All different cultures, companies with the same mission and like-minded spirit to make a difference to help.” Memphis and the surrounding cities are getting back on their feet economically in the entertainment industry. We want to be the example that this world must come together. My motto is: “You have sticks, I have a match and together we can make a fire,” he said Marie Pizano, CEO / Founder of the MVP3 Entertainment Group.

This Trifecta entertainment powerhouse will be home to the MVP3 Studios, ATWEC Center and a hotel (TBD name / brand of the Worsham Hotel Group) and will include approximately six theaters showing blockbuster hits and new theater releases from MVP3 Studios.

Darnell Stitts of ATWEC Technologies had a vision that mirrored Pizano’s. “As fate would have it, after talking and sharing some of the same visions for the Majestic Complex, we decided to form an alliance to achieve our two goals,” said Stitts. “Marie is an important piece of the puzzle needed to light the fire we both share. Together we can light the sticks and light the fire so everyone can enjoy its heat.”

MVP3 Studios & Partners has acquired the property from Michael Lightman Realty Company, The Majestic Theater. Buildings and the 20 acre land it is on at 7051 Malco Crossing on the corner of Riverdale Rd. and Malco Crossing in Memphis.

“We have our own film series and work with other production companies who share our vision for content. We have also worked with film distribution companies and have a structured business plan that works to bring the city together in creating multiple sources of income to boost economic growth, tourism and to redefine what this entertainment industry needs to restore their media and music integrity. Working with ATWEC Technologies and its innovations, we can purify the air with their KV-X sterilization system for the movie studio, hotel and family center “, added Pizano.

Phase 1 is to be opened July 1, 2021, with six cinemas, restaurants, refreshments, catering, events and a rental theater for corporate events, presentations, singer / songwriter evenings and more.

Phase 2 will open in late autumn with gift shops, music recording studios, a television network and office rental space. Phase 3 is the hotel with 150 rooms. Phase 4 introduces new technologies, a sports complex and a family center with plans for an indoor theme park.

About ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: ATWT): ATWEC Technologies, Inc. is a child safety and technology company headquartered in Memphis, TNATWT has developed three unique child safety devices that protect children during transport to and from schools, events and homes, giving parents and administrators peace of mind. ATWT was granted Patent No. 7,646,288, B2 by the U.S. Patent Office for its KV-3 system, and its business model is tied to state-to-state laws that are designed to mandate these systems for schools and other vehicles. The KV-3 and Kiddie AlertTM backup systems are currently sold to customers around the world. The company recently announced its new state-of-the-art KV-4 platform that uses RFID technology and its new cloud-based system to easily track children in vehicles to and from their homes. The company recently announced its KV-X product, which uses ultraviolet rays to clean bacteria and pathogens from a bus or van. The company trades in the OTC markets under the symbol “ATWT” and is the company’s website

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